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Looking for Colorado business brokers to help you sell your small to mid-sized business?  Whether you’ve ran it for only a few years or more like 30 years, your business is you baby.  You’ve poured blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours into making your business successful.  You made personal sacrifices to keep it running more times than you can remember.  Now you’re ready to reap what you’ve sown.  Maybe you are ready for your next project or maybe it’s time to retire, but either way, selling your business is on your mind.  You are ready to exit your business.

If you’re visiting our page, chances are good you’re considering the idea of selling your company to an outside party.  Perhaps you don’t have family in the business who could keep the business running.  Maybe you don’t feel any of your employees have the funds to buy you out.  No matter the reason, selling to an outside party seems to be the best option, but where do you start?

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You Can't Sell A Business With a Sign in a Window

If you haven’t sold a business before, the process is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  For many good reasons, a very specific process needs to be followed so the potential sale is kept a secret.  A business relies on its brand, image, and relationships to be successful.  

Furthermore, public knowledge of a business being for sale can often cause all sorts of unexpected problems for a business owner.  These problems range from key employees quitting, vendors changing payment terms, or customers rejecting proposals.

exit brokers help sell a business

The question is: how do you sell something if you don’t want the general public to know about it?  The answer is to simple.  Hire a team with a confidential process that makes sense to you.  As business brokers in Denver, we have a proven track record of finding the right buyers for businesses while maintaining secrecy of the potential sale.  We are the most trusted business brokers in Denver and also the state of Colorado.

The Selling Process - Why Work with a Colorado Business Broker

Selling a business is not a simple process.  The right process keeps a deal on track.  If there isn’t a process in place, unexpected problems will plague a deal.

  • Valuation and realistic asking price needs to be established.

  • Complete pre-marketing due diligence to identify potential roadblocks to selling.

  • Generate custom  marketing materials to attract the right buyers.

  • Qualify buyers need to verify they are real potential buyers. 

  • Strategically release business information  at the right times.

  • Coordinate and facilitate buyer-seller to maximize impact. 

  • Draft offers with correct terms and provisions.

  • Manage the due diligence process in the correct phases.

  • Arrange financing to coincide with the close date.

  • Make employees aware of the pending sale the correct way and at the right time.

  • Prepare official documents in the correct order.

  • Communicate with all advisors so all parties are in the loop.

Exit Brokers have been in enough deals to create a process that mitigates unexpected problems from occurring.  Our ExitReady Process increases the odds of a deal closing in a way that aligns with a seller’s objectives.  Process helps minimize deal-killing problems.  While issues will always arise, many of the issues will be addressed proactively to decrease their impacts. 

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Every Business Sale is Unique

No business sale is the same.  The amount of complexity and key issues to closing the deal will always be unique to each deal.  Sometimes the best buyer will be other individuals while other times the best buyer will be a private equity group.  Experience in the business sale industry helps guide the transaction to the best buyer.  Often times the ‘right’ buyer will end up paying more than the ‘wrong’ buyer.

Every sale will take its fair share of unexpected twists and turns.  The road to selling is tumultuous.  The perfect deal will fall apart at the last minute for unexpected reasons.  Employees will quit at the worst possible time.  Large customers will go with your competitor and cause the terms to be renegotiated.  A great business broker needs to be able to talk the business owner off a cliff or two.

Colorado Business Brokers: Equal Parts Shrink and Business Advisor

Any business transaction advisor will tell you managing owner’s expectations is the most important factor in a successful business exit.  The brokers job is to managing people’s expectations as much as managing the deal terms.  A broker needs to understand the motivations of both buyer and seller.  The deal needs to stay aligned with those motivations and common ground needs to be identified.

A great broker asks questions and has an intimate understanding of the seller’s situation.  A broker needs to know all of the stakeholders.

business brokers need to understand a clients goals

A stakeholder is anyone impacted by the sale including family members, employees, business partners.  A spouse of an owner is often emotionally involved in the business so those expectations need to be managed.  Do any of the owner’s children work for the business?  If so, will the sale impact the children and their vision for the future.  Could one of the children’s actions endanger the deal?  All of these thing needs to be managed.

Exit Brokers Are More Than Just Business Brokers

Your choice of a business broker is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make.  In general, most business brokers come from a real estate background where closing the deal and getting paid is their only objective.  In contrast, the Colorado business brokers at Exit Brokers come from an exit planning and financial advising background. We understand that business price is just one of many priorities when exiting your business.  You want the legacy you built to carry on.  You know your employees were key to your success and you want to make sure they are treated with respect.  Lastly, you want your customers to receive the same level of care you provided for many years. Want to learn more about how Exit Brokers, the Colorado business brokers you can trust, send us a message or call us at (720) 598-8198.